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   I  haven't always known what I wanted to do in life. I found myself a  dreamer, trying every creative outlet I could find and always searching  for something in me that made me unique. What kind of legacy could I  leave my children? What could I offer the world?  
    In 2014, I became lost. I was undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for  the second time in 6 years and I needed an outlet that would take me  away from the harshness of that reality. I was desperate, sad and  scared. I fell asleep one night praying for something to keep me from  going crazy and what I woke to was this urge to draw something. After a  little push from another artist, I started a 30 day illustration  challenge.  
    Truth be told that I have never taken an official art class even  though I have a degree in Fashion Design. I would just sketch dresses. I  knew nothing about drawing the human body, let alone drawing facial  features. It was an overwhelming need with an ache so real that I  grabbed an old number two pencil that was lying around, some old  yellowish copy paper and just drew.
    Since 2014, I have seen myself grow as an  artist. I found out within my first year of illustrating that portraits  of people was a favorite. I absolutely fell in love with it. I learned  what I liked early on, I found my favorite pencils, my favorite paper to  draw on and even found my favorite erasers. ​I spent hours researching  any photo on the internet that had every element to challenge me  artistically. I found photos with harsh lighting & shadows, clear  details of freckles, the facial lines of smiles & frowns, the cute  squinting eyes & pouting lips; all the tiny details of a person in  one photograph that challenged me as an artist.
     All my past illustrations allowed me to  focus my energy on one thing at a time and not the many things that made  up my life. I didn't realize it then, but that small 30 day  illustration challenge and that push from a fellow artist lead to this  love I have of drawing.
    I wasted years trying to find out what made me unique, I never would have imagined that all I had to do was just draw it.

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14" x 18" priced starting at $250

18" x 24" priced starting at $315

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